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When you want to browse the Internet and take part in online activities with absolute privacy, you want to subscribe to the services of a VPN. A virtual private network is the only way that you can be sure your online activities are not being tracked, traced, or logged.

TorGuard VPN is a quickly expanding company. When you subscribe to the service, you have access to multiple servers in several countries. The company provides an exceptional VPN, keeps no logs, and throws in several extra features for the cost of your subscription.

 Pricing Plans

TorGuard has two packages available to customers, although it lists three on its website. In truth, the third package is simply the VPN package as a yearly, rather than monthly, package.

  • Bittorrent Proxy – Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transfer speeds, anonymous bittorrent IP starting at $5.95 per month
  • VPN Service – Unlimited bandwidth, torrents, more than 200 IPs, starting at $9.95 per month
  • VPN Service (Yearly) – When you subscribe to the VPN service for a year, your payments break down to $4.99 per month

Customer Support

The TorGuard customer support system is that of an email ticketing program. Live Chat is available, but said chat is frequently offline. There are other VPN service providers that offer better support. If you are the type of person who needs to rely on assistance for technical gadgets and software, TorGuard may not be the VPN service provider for you.

Privacy and Security

The Bittorrent Proxy service offers complete anonymity. This plan is the core service put forth by the company. The service is designed for customers who use torrents. When you subscribe, you are given a detailed guide on how to set up the client.

Anonymous VPN is a normal VPN service. When you connect to the Internet with this software, you are guaranteed 100 percent anonymity. The default level of encryption is 256-bit OpernVPN but only on devices that support it. If your device is unable to handle the protocol, you use 128-bit PPTP.

It’s important to know that TorGuard is based in Panama. The country has no data retention laws. This means that the company is not required to maintain user logs and it does not. If the authorities request logs, the company has none to give.

Servers owned by the company are mainly located in Europe and North America. The company does have servers in a total of nine countries, but the majority are concentrated on these two continents.

The TorGuard Website

The TorGuard website is a bit busy for our taste. That said, any information that you could want is on the homepage. The company is transparent in its cost and features. We do like this about the website, but we would enjoy a cleaner design.

torguard vpn


Overall, the website is easy to use once you learn to ignore the animations on the front page. Links are easy to follow and information is straightforward.

 Signing Up

If there is one thing that we don’t want to see from a VPN service provider, it is a lengthy registration form. Unfortunately, TorGuard requires a large amount of personal information in order to subscribe to the service. That said, we paid with Bitcoin and entered bogus information into the registration form; we were signed up without issue.

Once we finished the registration process and paid for our subscription, we received several emails. The emails gave us all of the information that we needed to set up and use the service. You have the ability to choose from the TorGuard VPN or Viscosity after you have subscribed. Viscosity is suggested for users who need a bit more as the standard client is a bit basic.

Supported Platforms

TorGuard’s lite client can be used on Linux, OSX and Windows. Viscosity is only available for OSX and Windows. There are guides that will help you manually set up TorGuard on Android, iOS, Ubuntu, DD-WRT, and Boxee.

torguard vpn


What we like about TorGuard:

  • Lack of logs
  • Fast speeds
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Viscosity
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Information regarding server status

What we don’t like about TorGuard:

  • Low levels of encryption across servers
  • Lack of adequate customer service
  • Poorly designed website

Once we installed TorGuard, we were impressed with its service. The VPN does everything that you would expect it to do: provide security, keeps you and your activities anonymous, does not keep logs. We appreciate that we can use the service across multiple platforms and that the company is based in Panama. If we have one caveat with TorGuard, it is the lack of adequate customer service. While we did receive a response to our ticket, we have heard of users going several days without a response, if a response was received at all.

We recommend TorGuard only for customers who are confident that they can resolve issues on their own. Even though the service is an exceptional one, the lack of customer support can be a deal breaker for many. We recommend giving the software a good run in the first 30 days so you can get a full refund if you find that it does not meet your expectations.

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