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Most businesses in today’s competitive world rely on computer networks and the Internet to share crucial data and information. They want their employees across the globe to have access to all the data without compromising on the privacy of the information. VPN, or virtual private networks, help all the employees of a company to share data without jeopardizing the security of the network.

Several small and big networking companies have stepped into create VPN networks for other businesses and have established themselves as VPN service providers. The choice is often overwhelming.

PureVPN has created a special place for itself in this competitive world thanks to their quality service and exceptional customer support. The company provides access to PPTP, SSTP and L2TP protocols and allows the client to switch servers at will. The company boasts of 50 servers in 17 different countries.

PureVPN offers easy download, installation and use. Clients can also access additional features such as traffic log charts and Split Tunneling. Users can select specific servers based on the location of their business and server. Clients can access unlimited speed and bandwidth on 445 servers. The servers provide a new IP address every time a user logs in.

As stated earlier, PureVPN offers exceptional customer service. Their elaborate tutorials guide the clients at every step of the way. Customers can use every feature effectively and efficiently. The company also offers reliable service and competitive price. PureVPN has become a trusted name in the VPN service provider business with many small and big businesses relying on the company to maintain the security of their networks.

Pricing Options

PureVPN service is simple and affordable. The company offers one unlimited plan. Clients can choose to sign up for one, six or twelve months at a time. The offer also comes with a three-day money back guarantee. Many clients also benefit from online coupons and promo codes that lead to a significant reduction in price.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support in form of Live Chat, Community Forums, and Emails. While all the modes of communication are effective, our experience has shown that email is the most efficient and prompt method.

Privacy and Support

PureVPN is owned and operated by Hong Kong based GZ Systems Ltd. Since local laws in Hong Kong do not require VPN clients to store or track its subscribers and data, clients do not have to worry about lack of privacy. Clients, however, have to login as the company protects against hackers.



You can learn more about the company and the service on PureVPN website. The professionally-designed website is functional and easy to use. Clients will find all the information while clicking on the relevant tabs.

Signing Up

Signing up for PureVPN service is easy. Clients can subscribe online and pay for the service through a secure network. Simple installation wizards help install the service and connect to PureVPN server in a matter of minutes.

Supported Platforms

Customers can access all the features of PureVPN on most common platforms including Windows, Mac, OS, iOS and Android. They can use the service on mobile devices as well.

In summary:

Benefits of PureVPN include:

  • Reliable customer service
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  • Accessible via Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer
  • Reputable parent company

Drawbacks include:

  • PPTP is not the best available protocol
  • Limited money back guarantee
  • Live Chat available for only 12 hours in a day

PureVPN is a great choice for businesses across the globe. It provides secure and reliable VPN service. If the client is not worried about the login feature, PureVPN provides value for the money.

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