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Best VPN for Mac

Private Internet Access

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Mac’s are undoubtedly the most popular operating systems on the market. If you are a Mac user you should make sure your connection is secure. A virtual private network (VPN) is the best way to make sure you are protected. If you are one of many users who participates in file sharing and downloading torrents, or if you just don’t want your activity logged, you might want to look into connecting to the Internet through in a VPN.

From the moment you log on, your activity online is being tracked. To avoid this you need to pick the VPN provider that is the best for your lifestyle. This can be a tricky task so we have researched all of the most popular VPN service providers and there come up with our favorites. Before we get to the list, lets look at the criteria we think is necessary for a good VPN:

  • Does the VPN provider keep logs?
  • What policies does the provider have in place to protect client privacy?
  • Is the service easy to understand and use?
  • What is the policy for torrent downloads?
  • Is the price reasonable?
  • Are the server locations useful?
  • Does the provider have convenient and helpful customer support?
  • What encryption method is used?

Taking these important points into consideration, these are our picks for the best VPN’s for Mac users.

1. Our Favorite: VyprVPN – $6.67 per month

Pros: Fast speeds, easy to use product and website, established company

Cons: Subscriber email addresses used for internal marketing

VyprVPN is a low cost service that offers all the great features of some of the higher priced VPNs. They have some of the fastest speeds available while providing the highest level of security. The three day free trial is excellent for those who like to try before they buy.

VyprVPN is a service provider owned by the technological product company GoldenFrog. Unlike many VPN providers, Vypr owns its own networks so their customer service is fast and reliable. The only problem with VyprVPN is that your email address will also be part of GoldenFrog’s marketing programs and subscribes will receive information about all of their products.

Learn more about this top notch service at Vpyr VPN

2. HideMyAss –  $10 per month


Pros: 30 day money back guarantee, established company, easy to use

Cons: User activity is logged, and a bit pricey

With Hide My Ass’s premium VPN service you will receive anonymous email, public proxies, anonymous file uploading and web linking. The only limitation is the logging of user activity, if you participate in file sharing than HideMyAss is not for you. However, Hide My Ass offers some free tools to offer further support in maintaining online security.

We love how easy it is to use HideMyAss’s comprehensive software. This UK based company provides users with protection across a variety of operating systems, giving you access to over 300 servers in 50 plus countries. If you are running HideMyAss on your Mac, this VPN provider will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Learn more about HideMyAss at www.hidemyass.com, they have a great customer care team and will answer any questions you might have about their services.

3.  Private Internet Access – $6.95 per month


Pros: Pros: Very easy to use, high levels of encryption and guaranteed anonymity

Cons: Money back guarantee not offered, no free trials

Private Internet Access uses 18 servers in nine different countries, enabling users to select the server that is best for your needs. You are also given OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IPSec protocols. It is easy to sign up for their services; the company only has one package. Since Private Internet Access does not offer a money back guarantee, we suggest signing up initially for a single month to see if the service fits your needs.

Visit www.privateinternetaccess.com for more information

4. Astrill – $29.95 every three months


Pros: High speeds, several VPN options and free seven day trial available

Cons: Most features require more money, high amount of features can get confusing

Astrill offers a great product for Mac users. However, some features require additional payments. The basic package will make sure you are secure as you surf the net and at a high speed. Astrill offers consistency for new or experienced VPN users. Astrill offers Mac users superb performance and their customer service is top notch.

Learn more at www.astrill.com

5. IPVanish – $11.52 per month


Pros: Very high speeds, no tracking or logging or activity

Cons: Higher price than most plans

IPVanish has a good number of servers around the world so you will always be able to access the Internet at top speeds. The makers of IPVanish have 15 years of experience in network security so they are a trustworthy option. The service works by sharing IP addresses, making it impossible to pick one out of a group.

IPVanish is easy to use and they provide a seven day money back guarantee so don’t worry about being locked into a contract if you don’t feel it is the right fit for you.

IPVanish offers great customer service, for more information visit www.ipvanish.com

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