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Best VPN for Germany

Best VPN for Germany, Best VPN Germany

When you’re searching for the right virtual private network, or VPN, for yourself, you’ll want to find one that offers Germany locations for several reasons.  One reason is that it will look like you’re surfing in the country, but you’re also able to access some of your favourite sites such as Netflix and Hulu. In addition, a lot of services launch businesses in Germany, which means that having a Germany VPN is a great idea.

So why have we written this article? Well, we want ensure you’re able to access all the services that are possible using your Germany VPN. If you’re looking on your own for your VPN provider, you’re going to find over 100 companies.  This can be overwhelming, considering you have to compare everything that each of them offers.  You want to know what they offer and how much the service costs.  There are many things to consider.

We have done the research work for you and the following are our favorites.


1. HideMyAss – Beginning cost $11.52 a month

2. VyprVPN – Beginning cost $6.67 a month

3. Private Internet Access – Beginning cost $6.95 a month

4. Astrill – Beginning cost $5.83 a month

5. IPVanish – Beginning cost $10.00 a month

Best – HideMyAss

Advantages: Fantastic speeds, simple to use, great software

Disadvantages: This option really doesn’t have a lot of negative aspects. The only thing that we noted is that it could have a higher encryption level, but other than that, it is really secure.

HideMyAss is a London, England VPN company. With locations that are found in over 60 countries, it’s possible to access any of your favorite websites when you sign online and use your brand-new server.  There are over 70,000 IP addresses provided by the company to those who subscribe to their services, and each address is assigned dynamically. HMA’s team of customer support professionals is phenomenal and their community, FAQ, and blog are very easy for anyone to follow.

It doesn’t matter what operating system’s on your computer, you’re able to use HMA. Whether you’re using Windows, iOS, Android, or OSX, it’s possible to go online on any kind of device securely.

HMA’s pricing is very affordable, starting at the low price of $10 monthly.  If you go with subscribing a few months at a time, the price is even lower.  If you find out that HMA just isn’t right for you, the company offers a 30 day guarantee to get your money back.

To find out more or to sign up, go to the HMA website.

Get hidemyass now to save 43%

2. VyprVPN

Advantages: High speeds, as many as 3 connections simultaneously, and available 256-bit encryption.

Disadvantages : The price is a bit higher when compared with others

Found in Switzerland, .VyprVPN is run by Golden Frog, an International consortium.  This is really important since it means that they’re outside the US and UK’s legislation scope.  VyprVPN doesn’t have to track any activity of yours and it doesn’t hand over any logs to governments.  VyprVPN uses OpenVPN encryption of 160-bit as well as 256-bit and gives you a money back guarantee of 7 days.  It also allows you to use its service on Android and iOS devices.

One thing to know about the service is that they own as well as run their networks and data centers.  Because of this, they’re able to give you speeds that are unavailable from other services.  This means that their software’s great when you want to stream media.

Even though the price is higher than the other VPNs, it’s really worth it to use VyprVPnN. Go to their website to find out more.

3. Private Internet Access

Advantages: Fast speeds and simple interface

Disadvantages: It only has some basic features that may not be right for all users

For the Internet users who want privacy, our third top choice is Private Internet Access. This company lets you pay for a subscription using BitCoin, they encourage you to use an anonymous email address, and they never trace activity.

Users who are more advanced may find out that the service doesn’t deliver the features they’re looking for.  But for the people who just are looking to hide who they are, it’s a great choice. The price is also very affordable at below $4 monthly.

Go to their website to learn more.

4. Astrill

Advantages: It has an easy download and it’s easy to use.

Disadvantages: The cost is more when compared with other providers.

This company, Astrill, is one of the Seychelles companies which started offering its services back in 2009.  According to reviewers, the software is an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced users.   The balance between functionality and usability is one of its most impressive features.

This is a high-quality VPN that everyone should consider.

To find out more about this service, go to the Astrill website today.

5. IPVanish

Advantages: It offers the highest amount of anonymity.

Disadvantages: Subscribers receive email marketing

IPVanish’s offered by the professionals who have more than 15 years’ experience with the industry. This company has servers in over 41 countries, has great performance no matter what time it is, and has an experience that is extremely polished.

Since IPVanish isn’t required to log its users’ activity, you never have to worry about it. Your activity will never be logged.  All of their subscribers can access OpenVPN encryption.  The company also offers 256-bit, which is the most secure encryption. If you’re searching for a provider for a VPN service which will guarantee your security and privacy, this may be the one that you want.

To find out more, visit the IPVanish website.

Which VPN will be your choice?

If you’re looking for our advice, we will tell you that HideMyAss is the best one. It offers a software that’s been around for a long time, they invest funds in improving the company, and their brand is trusted. But think about all of your options and choose the one that is best for you and your needs.

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