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Best VPN for France

The Top Five VPNs You Should Consider If You Live In France

Best VPN for France, Best VPN France

The issue of internet privacy has become a major issue around the world in the past two years and for good reason. People have become incredibly concerned about whether or not their own government is spying on what they are browsing on the internet. The issue is especially important for the citizens of France, whose government complies with several laws put forth by the EU that require many Internet Service Providers to turn over their customers’ data logs to the government.

If you’re concerned about protecting your privacy on the internet then you should consider using a virtual private network (VPN), which will make it seem like you are surfing the internet from a different country. You can safely browse the internet without fear of knowing the government is watching you and you can even access popular sites that might not be available in your country. There are well over 100 VPNs available and we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the five best available VPNs on the market. Our top picks are:

1. HideMyAss– Plans beginning at $11.52/month

2. VyprVPN – Plans beginning at $6.67/month

3. Private Internet Access – Plans beginning at $6.95/month

4. Astrill – Plans beginning at $5.83/month

5. IPVanish – Plans beginning at $10.00.month


Try Hidemyass Today with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Positives: Fast speeds, incredible software, and easy to use even for beginners

Negatives: Not many. It could use a higher encryption level, but what it is has is already very secure.

HideMyAss is one of the most reputable and trustworthy VPN services available. They are based in London, England, which means if you live in France you should feel safe knowing you are using a company that is so close to you. They have locations in over 60 countries and have provided over 70,000 IP addresses to their growing customer base. They also have a helpful customer support team and an incredibly friendly community that will always be willing to help you.

You can use HideMyAss regardless of what operating system you are using as well. You can use any version of Windows or OSX and can even use your mobile phone. Prices for their best plans are incredibly affordable and you can even get a discount if you choose to subscribe for several months. And if you decide that you aren’t entirely satisfied with their services, they also have a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you want to protect your privacy online, visit HideMyAss for the best VPN service money can buy.


 Positives: You can run three connections at the same time, they have 256-bit encryption available if you buy the Pro version, they don’t keep usage logs, they offer a seven day money back guarantee, and they have mobile apps.

Negatives: A little bit on the expensive side.

VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, which is important to know because it means they are entirely outside the legislation that many European countries, including France, are subject to in regards to internet privacy. They are not required to track your browsing history or hand over your usage logs over to the government. They even utilize 160-bit and 256-bit encryption and even allow you to operate up to three devices at once. Although their money back guarantee isn’t as good as the one offered by HideMyAss, it can still give you peace of mind in case you change your mind.

What really distinguishes VyprVPN from the rest of the competition is that they have their own data centers and networks, which allow them to provide speeds that other VPN services cannot come close to matching. If you’re interested in streaming media then you should really consider VyprVPN. They might be a little bit more expensive than most VPN companies, but they are well worth the money. If you’re interested, visit their website today.

Private Internet Access

Positives: Easy to understand user interface and incredibly fast speeds.

Negatives: More advanced users might not like the service’s basic features.

If you really want to protect your online privacy rights then Private Internet Access is a pretty solid choice. If you’re fairly tech savvy you can pay them in BitCoin, they actively encourage the use of anonymous emails, and they do not track your browsing activity. However, if you’re looking for a service that has any type of advanced features, you might be fairly disappointed.

Private Internet Access only offers simple services, but they are easy to use and, most importantly, they are cheap. If you’re only concerned about hiding your identity, then you should definitely considered visiting Private Internet Access’ website to find out more about what they have to offer.


Positives: Very easy for beginners to download, install, and use.

Negatives: Compared to other VPN services, their prices are a little high.

Astrill is relatively new to the VPN business, having first being formed in 2009, but they have already established themselves as one of the best in the business. They have created a large base of satisfied customers and are well liked because they are easy to use for beginners, but also by advanced users because of some of the services they offer. They also have helpful customer support that is always willing to help you set up the software and provide you will all the information you need about their product. Visit their website today if you’re interested in giving them a try.


Positives: The absolute best when it comes to offering anonymity.

Negatives: They can sometimes spam you marketing emails.

There is no other VPN company that has more experience than IPVanish, as they have been operating for over 15 years. They have servers available in over 40 countries, which could satisfy anyone in France who is looking to hide their IP address. Their services are always up and running and regardless of the time of day, they’ll always be functioning and performing at the highest levels.

They also don’t keep user logs and, most importantly of all, they offer OpenVPN and 256-bit encryptions, which is the most secure type of encryption available. If you are looking for a simple VPN service that can protect your privacy rights online then you should definitely look into contacting IPVanish.

Which VPN Should You Choose?

Ultimately, picking the right VPN is entirely up to you. But if you want our recommendation, we highly suggest you use HideMyAss. If you live in France and want a way to protect yourself from any of the European Union’s intrusive Data Retention laws, HideMyAss is the best way to protect your online privacy.

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