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Best VPN for China

Top Five Best VPN Providers for China

best vpn for china

The Chinese government is constantly trying to prevent web access for private citizens, but the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allows users to bypass the obstacles created by the government. Much like the Great Wall of China that was built to keep enemies out, the government has installed a Great Firewall of China to keep its own citizens out of worldwide web access.

If you are searching for a VPN you will need to consider certain things. You will need to research several aspects of VPNs in order to get the deal that best fits your needs. The number one important thing you have to know is whether or not the service works in China. Research the speed and quality of customer service and software. Compare prices to get the best deals available.

When you begin your search you will be inundated with hundreds of VPN services. Below is a list of 5 of the best options in China.

  • vyprvpn is available at a price of $6.67 per month
  • Express vpn is available at a price of $8.32 per month
  • Hide my Ass VPN is available at a price of $6.55 per month
  • IP Vanish VPN is available at a price of $10.00 per month
  • Strong VPN is available at a price of $21.00 for 3 months ($7.00 per month)

VPN Summary


Vypervpn is the best hands-down for those who are in China.

Pros: Chameleon protocol for hiding VPN, good price for its features/capabilities, more encryption protocol, more storage

Cons: none found

Vypervpn has services based in Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe, making it easy to access just about anywhere in the world. The security features make it possible to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

Express VPN

Pros: Excellent download speeds and software that is compatible with all operating systems, even compatible with all of your devices.

Cons: More expensive than others

The United States is the base of operations for ExpressVPN. The LA2 service is the best one for you to choose if you are going to be using it in China. User friendly registration makes the process easier and the company has a lot of security features to keep your system safe. The major downfall is the price, but at $8.32 a month you probably cannot go wrong with all of the features offered by this company.

Hidemyass VPN

Pros: Fast download speeds, reliable software, no limitations on usage, many servers

Cons: negligible

Hidemyass (HMA) is a London based company that started out by offering a free proxy service that protected the anonymity of its users. It was so successful in this venture that it very quickly expanded to include its VPN service. At $6.55 a month, this is one of the cheaper options for users in China.

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Pros: Protects anonymity, compatibility with most computer systems and with all smartphones, speedy downloads and excellent customer service, up to date software

Cons:Price is higher than most.

IPVanish has its base in the United States and has services in over 40 countries. The company provides excellent security that will protect users in China from government interference. The cost per month is $10.00, so it is a little steep. It might be worth it, though, if you need a service that helps you to bypass China’s government interference.

Strong VPN

Pros: Speed, anonymity protection, good software, able to bypass Chinese government interference

Cons: None found so far.

Strong is an Internet service provider based in the United States, with services provided across the continents. This is a strong contender for use in China, keeping users safe and allowing them to access information by bypassing government interference.

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